Fact Sheet

American Helicopter Services and Aerial Firefighting Association, 41970 McIntosh Ct, Hollywood, MD 20636-2384, E-mail: ghill@ahsafa.org Web Site: www.ahsafa.org
The AHSAFA was incorporated in 1998 to advance the common interests and welfare of aviation companies engaged in forest and wildland firefighting.
Association Description:The AHSAFA is responsible for establishing and maintaining effective communications between airtanker operators and the Department of Agriculture (USDA), Department of Interior, and state government firefighting agencies to ensure the firefighting industry is prepared to meet current and future aerial firefighting needs. The AHSAFA member companies contract with the USDA-Forest Service and the state firefighting agencies to provide aerial firefighting support to wildland suppression efforts throughout the continental United States and Alaska. Several large helicopter companies contract to provide aerial firefighting services to foreign governments in Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific. Over the years, these support services have proven to be a key element in fighting wildland fires, both in an initial attack role during early fire detection and as a major contributor in large fire suppression efforts.The AHSAFA is also instrumental in informing federal and state government agencies, legislators, and the general public about air tanker industry objectives and contributions to the well being of the country’s citizens and economy.
Members/Facilities:Air Tractor, Inc.| Olney, Texas, Columbia Helicopters, Inc. | Portland, Oregon, Construction Helicopters, Inc. | Howell, Michigan, Erickson Air-Crane Incorporated | Central Point, Oregon, Helicopter Express, Inc. | Chamblee, Georgia, Intermountain Helicopters, Inc. | Sonora, California, Neptune Aviation Services, Inc. | Missoula, Montana, Rogers Helicopters, Inc. | Fresno, California, Timberline Helicopters, Inc. | Laclede, Idaho
Markets Served:The AHSAFA member companies provide aerial firefighting support for wildland fires nationwide. The members work with government agencies to secure contracts to protect specific regions of the country during peak fire seasons.
Aircraft:The AHSAFA member companies employ a variety of aircraft to fight forest and wildland fires. The airtankers/helicopters and helitankers are equipped with tanks and buckets that hold 300-3000 gallons of fire retardant depending on the type aircraft. The tanks are specially designed to meet strict federal performance standards.