About Us

The American Helicopter Services and Aerial Firefighting Association (AHSAFA) is a nonprofit trade association organized for the purpose of promoting and advancing the common interest and welfare of companies engaged in forest and wildland aerial firefighting and other commercial aviation activities. Association activities include:

  • Facilitating close communications between government firefighting agencies and helicopter and fixed wing airtanker operators.
  • Disseminating information to the association members regarding government, policies, directives requirements and contract provisions.
  • Supporting government policies and directives that advance the commercial interests of member companies.
  • Disseminating cumulative industry firefighting experience to enhance aerial firefighting safety, maintenance availability, and mission effectiveness.
  • Providing lessons learned feedback regarding aircraft incidents, accidents, and unsafe operating procedures.
  • Disseminating to government and the general public the aerial firefighting industry contributions to the well being of the country’s citizens and economy.
  • Coordinating industry input and response to government inquiries, studies, and analyses.
  • Presenting industry’s point of view at government agency meetings/conferences that address issues of interest to the aerial firefighting community.
  • Presenting the Associations point of view to Congressional committees/subcommittees on issues of interest to the aerial firefighting industry.