Classes of Membership
The American Helicopter Services and Aerial Firefighting Association (AHSAFA) has two classes of membership: a voting membership consisting of owners, CEOs, presidents, or corporate officers of companies operating one or more multi-engine airtankers, helitankers, single engine airtankers, or leadplane/air attack aircraft engaged in aerial firefighting; and other commercial support services, and a non-voting, sustaining membership consisting of companies or individuals who desire to support the objectives of the Association and receive information on Association activities. Each voting member is entitled to one vote.


  • Representation with the USDA-Forest Service, USDI-Bureau of Land Management/Bureau of Indian Affairs/Fish & Wildlife/Park Service and State wildland firefighting agencies to provide an avenue for input to aerial firefighting industry related federal and state agency staffing actions.
  • Representation with key congressional offices for promoting aerial firefighting mission needs and support.
  • Representation at key government agency meetings to monitor and provide input on issues impacting the aerial firefighting industry.
  • Interface with other Associations in areas of common interest.
  • Receipt of regular Association communications providing up-to-date information on issues of importance to the industry.
  • Company display in the Association web site.

Any company operating one or more multi-engine airtanker, helitanker, single engine airtanker, or leadplane/air attack aircraft or company/individual that desires to support the objectives of the Association, may apply to the Association to become a member, and shall become a member upon approval of such application by a majority vote of the membership and upon payment of the annual dues as established by the Board of Directors from time to time. Voting/non-voting members may resign from the Association at any time by delivering written notice to the President or Executive Director. Interested companies/individuals should contact the Executive Director to make application.

Common Membership Goals
All Association members agree to support the following goals as the means to advance the common interests of the commercial aerial firefighting industry and ensure its long-term stability and effectiveness.

  • The highest standards of business ethics as stated in the AHSAFA Code of Ethics.
  • An Aviation Safety Program as outlined in the AHSAFA Operations Manual.
  • Private enterprise, through the use of commercially owned and operated aerial firefighting aircraft, is the most cost effective resource for providing aerial support to wildland firefighting operations.
  • The highest standards of aircraft inspection and maintenance supported by a comprehensive airworthiness monitoring program.
  • The competitive negotiation form of contract for the awarding of aerial firefighting contracts provides the government the most reliable, cost-effective services.
  • Open communications and cooperation among AHSAFA members and government agencies are essential to fostering safer aerial firefighting operations, improved maintenance standards, and better airtanker pilot training and proficiency.
  • Commercial research and development is vital to maintaining a modern, cost-effective aerial firefighting fleet.